Saturday, May 15, 2010

Starting Over.

A good friend of mine made me laugh recently. And unexpectedly has been a huge inspiration to me. She is a fabulous writer, and I have been encouraging her to start a blog. So she did. She mentioned that a couple of her friends had been heckling her to start one. Glad to be one of them!! Check it out!!!

I got to thinking about my blog after admiring hers. I had two, and both of them had cobwebs visually, and you could audibly hear crickets when you looked at them they had been neglected for so long.

I ignored it for a long time, and got disappointed in myself.


Why be dissapointed when you can just "Start Over"!! Sooo, I eliminated one blog and refreshed this one. My most recent venture has had me painting in watercolor. So, some fun dabblings, and trying not to take things quite so seriously.

So, thank you Kate!!! BLOG ON!!!


  1. You inspired me all the time. Glad I could return the favor! Kate

  2. thanks for visiting my blog. Your pet portraits are adorable,great subject matter of course:) So watercolor is the new adventure then?